Do I Need To Season A New Lodge Cast Iron Skillet?

Should I Season A New Lodge Cast Iron?

Cast Iron Skillets
Cast Iron Skillets

How Do I Season A Brand New Cast Iron Skillet?

So, do you have to season a cast iron skillet? But what if I add more seasoning layers to my cast iron pan? How do I season a brand new cast iron skillet with preseasoning from the factory?

Some feel you need to strip your cast iron skillet before you start seasoning it. I don’t think you have to strip it down and start over. 

And neither does Lodge. But, then again, that is my opinion. 

Here are the four easy steps on how to season a cast iron skillet for the first time.

How to season cast iron in oven.

  1. First, wash your cast iron skillet with hot soapy water, then dry it off. 
  2. Next, you want to add the oil of your choice and thoroughly rub it all over the skillet. Get it from top to bottom and all the little nooks, crannies, handle, and all. Then wipe it off like you were trying to remove every bit of the oil you just put on it.
  3. Then add it to the oven and begin to bake it. The temperature depends on what type of oil you want to use. I bake mine between 350 to 450 degrees for one hour at a time and let it cool down for 1 hour.
  4.  The last step is to repeat this process two to four times. The only step you leave out when repeating this for the 2nd to the 4th time is not to rewash it with soap and water. 

After you complete this four-step process, you will have a very good base of seasoning on your cast iron cookware

But one of the best ways to season your cast iron is to cook fattier cuts of meat, like bacon or hamburger meat. 

And by continuing to do so will build layers upon layers of seasoning each time you cook in it. 

What Is The Best Oil To Season A Cast Iron Skillet?

Another controversial topic is which oil is the best oil for seasoning cast iron. Again, everyone has their own opinion of which one they feel is best to use.

This chart is a list from Lodge of the types of oils and their smoke points.

Lodge Oil Smoke-Point Chart
Lodge Oil Smoke-Point Chart

 Any vegetable oil or animal fat can be used in cast iron skillet seasoning. Lodge uses soy-based vegetable oil to pre-season their cast iron. 

One of the things to consider regarding which type of cooking oil to use is based on its smoke point, that is, the point at which the oil begins to smoke when it’s heated up.

Ideally, the best oil to season with is a high-temperature oil like grapeseed oil, avocado oil, canola oil, and Crisco.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has their opinion about what is best. Therefore, you must experiment with different oils to find what works best for you. One thing to consider is how available it is, how effective it is and how expensive it is.

 Many years ago, before there were all kinds of refined cooking oils, cast iron was seasoned with pure lard or bacon grease. I still use bacon grease today. It’s one of my favorite oils to use because I cook in it all the time. 

One reason people may say not to use lard or bacon grease is that it can turn rancid, but the truth is all oil can turn rancid if not used for long periods.

When I’m seasoning a cast iron skillet or re-seasoning, I choose Crisco. This is because Crisco has a high smoke point of approximately 490 degrees. 

Yet, it doesn’t smell up the house when it’s in the oven baking, which is one of many reasons I like to use it.

Another reason is that Crisco produces a uniform base of seasoning on cast iron, which is why I choose to use it.

Do I Need To Season A New Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

So do I really need to season a Lodge cast iron skillet? Not necessarily Only if you want to, you can.

But since all cast iron comes from the manufacturer preseasoned, all you really have to do is wash it and use your cast iron right out of the box!

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